Alyssa Mathews


Hey! I’m Alyssa. Lifelong eQuestrian and adventure addict! I have been riding my entire life, and never get tired of a day in the saddle! I have ridden over 50 different breeds in seven different countries. I have been planning this quest for over a decade and I am thrilled to have you along for the ride!


Josh Mathews

Co-FOUNDER & Videographer

This guy has been at my side for over 8 years. He tackles every single challenge I throw at him. Including jogging through mud while chasing Connemara Ponies in a cross country field, riding in freezing rain on the coast of Iceland, and being married to a woman that is embarking on a ridiculously large quest!


Peter Arnesen


What is a physician to do when he retires? Other than biking 30,000 miles a year, skiing down things that terrify normal people, and almost getting lit on fire while on a solo canoe trip in Canada, the only logical solution is to learn how to ride and become a videographer!

Johanna Mathews


This beautiful lady is not only an incredible singer-songwriter, I also get to call her my sister in law! We’ve been through awesome adventures during our DiscoverTheHorse film tours, just don’t ask us about trying to find my Grandma’s house in the dark…


Reed Nygren

Associate Producer, Videographer & Camera Guru

This is the guy that said, “How about you use my GoPro?” and, “Let’s meet at the barn before sunrise and I will help you film your promo trailer!” I can always count on to help with whatever crazy idea I have!

I love my team. These people are my family, my support, my encouragement, and the reason that I can take on this epic Quest. I am so grateful to them.
— Alyssa Mathews


Executive Producers:

Ed & Debbie Brown

John & Julie Mathews

Jen Sullivan and Lance Mleynek

Current & Past Associate Producers:

Else Bigton & Phillip Odden

Sarah & Jim German

Cami Miller

Reed Nygren

Patricia HK Libra

Shawn and Bobbie Tisdell

And a huge thank you to all of my eQuestrians on Patreon!