Norwegian Fjord

Photo by Else Bigton

Quick Facts :

  • Country of Origin: Norway
  • Average Height: 13.2-14.2hh
  • Average Weight: 900-1200lbs
  • Colors: Brown dun, red dun, grey dun, white dun, and yellow dun.


The Norwegian Fjord Horse is one of the world's oldest and purest breeds. It is believed that the original Fjord Horse migrated to Norway and was domesticated over 4,000 years ago. Herds of wild Fjord Horses existed in Norway after the last ice age. Archaeological excavations at Viking burial sites indicate that the Fjord Horse has been selectively bred for at least 2,000 years.

Photo by Rick Kroll
Photo by Road to the Horse

Are Their Manes Naturally Like That?

Yes and No! All Fjords have a stripe down the middle of their mane and they need a haircut to keep the traditional crescent shaped arc every 6-8 weeks.

Different Color's? Don't They All Look the Same?

The Fjords can be several different shades - of dun!

  • Brown dun (brunblakk) is the most common color with almost 90% of Fjord Horses being Brown Dun.
  • Red dun (rødblakk)
  • Grey dun (grå)
  • White dun (ulsblakk)
  • Yellow dun (gulblakk) which is the most rare
Photo by Beth Beymer

The Ideal Family Horse

Fjords are known all around the world as an ideal family horse. With a quiet and willing personality, they will steal your heart away in an instant!

They Do It All!

What can a Fjord do? The better question to ask is, what can't a Fjord do?

  • Driving
  • Trail Riding
  • English
  • Western
  • Liberty
  • Pleasure Shows
  • Combined Driving
  • Jumping
  • Dressage
  • Packing
  • Skijoring
  • Draft
  • Parades
  • Therapy


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Photo Credits: Else Bigton, Rick Kroll Photography, Road To The Horse & Beth Beymer.

Horses owned by: Phil Odden & Beth Beymer.