Since the 1800’s horse breeders have been interested in combining two favorite breeds, the Morgan and Arabian, to produce the marvelous Morab horse.  History’s first recorded Morab was the famous trotting horse, Goldust, who was unbeaten as a harness racer, and won a famous race in 1861 against Ironduke for $10,000.  In 1920, William Randolph Hearst was credited with coining the name “Morab,” for the athletic Arabian-Morgan horses he bred to work the mountainous terrain of the Hearst Ranch. - International Morab Breeders Association.


Episode #6

Featured Horse:
GH Bianca Bey
15.0hh Morab Mare
Owned By:
Vikki Dalton
Filmed at:
Rock View Arabians. Illinois, USA

Today’s well-bred Morabs combine Morgan strength and depth with Arabian refinement and sensitivity. Thanks to these parents, the Morab has a naturally superior pulmonary and cardiovascular system. Morabs possess a shorter back than other breeds, one backbone less as does the Arabian.
— International Morab Breeders Association