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No matter the discipline that we ride or the breed we own, we all have a connection because of horses. A connection that I have felt around the world. It spans across all generations and types of people. I believe that making these connections, telling these stories, supporting the breeds and bringing the equestrian community together is important.

For the adventure seeker, horse lover or Quest Fan that wants to be a part of the project and gain access to exclusive content!

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Executive Producers:

Ed & Debbie Brown

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Jen Sullivan and Lance Mleynek

Current & Past Associate Producers:

Else Bigton & Phillip Odden

Sarah & Jim German

Cami Miller

Reed Nygren

Patricia HK Libra

Shawn and Bobbie Tisdell

And a huge thank you to all of my eQuestrians on Patreon!

My eQuestrians are my family, my support, my encouragement, and the reason that I can take on this epic Quest. I am so grateful to each and every one of you.
— Alyssa Mathews