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Name: PS Starlight Rambler
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American Welara Pony Registry (Now Closed)
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The Welara is a pony breed established in 1981. It resulted by crossing the Arabian horse and Welsh pony. Lady Wentworth was the first person known to breed this pony. She used the stallion Skowronek on mares imported from the Coed Coch Welsh stud farm in North Wales.
— Breeds of Livestock, Department of Animal Science

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In the early 1900's Lady Wentworth from Crabbet Stud in England started crossing Arabians with Welsh Ponies. The cross didn't become an official breed until 1981 when the American Welara Pony Registry was created. Unfortunately the registry has since shut down. But, Welsh/Arabian crosses and registered Welara's can still be found. Larger than most pony breeds their height ranges from 11.2hh to 15.0hh. Known for their refinement and beauty. They are used in both english and western disciplines and as driving ponies.

β€œThe most beautiful pony on the face of the earth.” ~Lady Wentworth (From the book: Storey's Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breed of north America by Judith Dutson.)


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