Spotted Saddle Horse


Official Breed Representative:

Name: Bandits Gold Allante’
Breed Origin:
National Spotted Saddle Horse Association
Owned By: Brooke Burgess
Filmed in: Tennessee


While presenting a natural gaited saddle horse, the National Spotted Saddle Horse exhibits “coats of many colors.”
— National Spotted Saddle Horse Association

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About The Breed:

The Spotted Saddle horse is known for their smooth gaits and flashy coloring. They are naturally gaited and move in a way that is comfortable and easy to ride, making them a great choice for trail riding. Many people with knee or back problems prefer to ride gaited horses. The breed was developed in Tennesee. There are two different Spotted Saddle Horse Associations and there can be quite a bit of variety between horses. The National Spotted Saddle Horse Association was founded in 1979. Initially they crossed Spanish American type spotted ponies with gaited breeds. In 1985 the Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association was formed. Their registration books are party closed, requiring new horses to have at least one registered parent. Many Spotted Saddle Horses are double registered as Tennessee Walking Horses. The breed is growing in popularity. They can be found in the show ring, as driving horses, family horses and competing in a wide variety of events.


Alyssa Mathews