Spanish Mustang


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Name: Augustine
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Spanish Mustang Registry
Owned By: Center For America’s First Horse
Filmed in: Vermont, USA


The Spanish Mustang helped shape the USA as we know it. Descended of the horse of the Conquistadors, Indian buffalo hunters and war ponies, to wild horse of the West, this breed has a rich and illustrious history that forms an important part of our American Heritage.
— Spanish Mustang Registry

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“Spanish Horses descend from horses introduced from southern Spain, and possibly North Africa, during the period of the conquest of the New World.” ~Dr. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD

In North America they commonly called the Spanish Mustang. They are also referred to as the Colonial Spanish Horse, Spanish barn, or by their strain name. Although some of them can still be found in the wild, they are not the same as the wild horses that the Bureau of Land Management oversees. The Spanish Mustang registry was founded in 1957. Today there are several registries that work with owners and preservation breeders to promote and save these rare horses. The Center For America's First Horse, a non-profit organization in Vermont is home to a large group of Spanish Mustangs.


All of the horses owned by The Center For America's First Horse are Spanish Mustangs, except for a horse named Oscar, he played a Spanish Mustang in the movie Hidalgo. The movie is about the life of Frank Hopkins (played by Viggo Mortensen) and his mustang Hidalgo. Oscar is a registered paint and now a happily retired equine celebrity.

They are generally quite small with the average being 13.2-14.3. They are athletic, versatile, and known for being a very colorful breed.

“Colonial Spanish horses are of great historic important and are one of only a very few genetically unique horse breeds worldwide.” ~Dr. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD


Alyssa Mathews