Rocky Mountain


Official Breed Representative:

Name: Chocolate Elixir (Felix)
Breed Origin:
Rocky Mountain Horse Association
Owned By: Jennifer's Mountain Horse Farm
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The Rocky Mountain horse is described as having a medium height, a broad chest, an ambling four-beat gait, a gentle temperament and a solid body color.
— Rocky Mountain Horse Association


About The Rocky Mountain Horse

Bred in the mountains of Kentucky. This American breed is naturally gaited, with a smooth four beat gait. They can take you from the show ring to the mountain trails without any bumps along the way. The classic coloring is a beautiful Chocolate with Flaxen mane and tail.

Solid colors are accepted in the registry, including Silver Grulla, Silver Bay (Red Chocolate) and Black.


They stand between 14.2 and 16.0hh. The Rocky Mountain Horse Association requires a two step registration process. Which includes a DNA verification and an inspection of gait, conformation and temperament once the horse has been started under saddle.

Although growing in popularity they are currently listed as, “Watch” status by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Making this breed a rare and very special horse.


Alyssa Mathews