Peruvian Horse


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North American Peruvian Horse Association
Owned By: MeadowBrook Farm
Special thanks to the Centennial State Peruvian Horse Club and the Denver Queen City Horse Show.


The Smoothest Riding Horse in the World!
— North American Peruvian Horse Association

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This smooth horse from Peru is naturally gaited. Many say they are the smoothest riding horse in the World! They are bred for termino, an outward swinging motion of the front legs. Similar to the outward rolling of a swimmer's arm. It originates at the horses shoulder. They are often ridden in traditional tack.


When a foal is born, they are born with the ability to paso llano. It is totally natural. ~Luis Pablo Vasquez Diaz (Peruvian Horse Judge)

No shoes of any kind are allowed during competitions. Sometimes confused with the Paso Fino, they are, in fact, a completely different breed. They have wonderful temperament, or “brio” which is best described as a willingness to please and great energy.


Alyssa Mathews