Nez Perce Horse

Episode #29

Falling Feather Farm in Juliaetta, Idaho & Garden Springs Farm in Lapwai, Idaho.


In 1995, four Akhal-teke stallions were donated to the Nez Perce Tribe by a Minnesota breeder. The idea was to blend the Appaloosa’s physical attributes of a well muscled horse as well as the distinctive spotted “blanket” to the lean and elegant Akhal-teke horse of Turkmenistan.

The crossbred of the Appaloosa and the Akhal-Teke is now called the Nez Perce Horse with a registry all its own, established in 1998.
— "The Story of the Nez Perce Horse…" by Valdasue Steele


Want to learn more about the breed? Check out this breed video:


Alyssa Mathews