Missouri Fox Trotter


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Name: Lou’s Priceless Pride
Breed Origin:
Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association
Owned By: Chastity Young
Filmed at: Eagle Ranch Resort in Collins, MO


Today, the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse is described as every person’s pleasure horse because of its gentle disposition and its comfortable ride. The breed is in demand for use in pleasure, show, versatility, trail riding, cross-country and endurance.
— Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association

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About The Breed:


The 19th century was a time of westward expansion in America. Early settlers and pioneers needed a horse that could handle the rugged new life in the Ozarks. Stylish enough to pull a buggy and reliable enough to be the family riding horse. Tough enough to plow the fields and agile enough to work cattle. A horse that would become a favorite for country doctors, sheriffs, assessors and cattlemen, because of a special ability to cover long distances with a surefooted and smooth gait. That horse was the Missouri Fox Trotter.

They have three standard gaits. The Flatfoot walk, Foxtrot and canter. The breed motto is, “To Ride One is to Own One.”


Alyssa Mathews