McCurdy Plantation Horse


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Name: Claibelle’s Scarlett McCurdy
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McCurdy Plantation Horse Registry
Owned By: Claibelle Farm

Out of the past, like a scene from “Gone With The Wind” comes a gaited horse breed from a plantation in Central Alabama.
— McCurdy Plantation Horse Registry


About The Breed:


The McCurdy Plantation Horse is a rare gaited breed. There are fewer than 700 of them registered worldwide. The breed was developed by the McCurdy family in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The family owned a 10,000 acre plantation in Alabama.

“The wanted to breed something that was easy to get around on the day to day operations. Comfortable in the saddle. Could pull a plow, pull a wagon and also work cows. So henceforth, the McCurdy Plantation Horse. ~Joshua Kight


In the early 1930's many of the horses were registered as Tennesee Walkers. Several horses including McCurdy's Ky Saddle and McCurdy's Doctor can be traced back to foundation stock for the Tennesee Walking Horse breed. Over time these well loved horses developed into their own breed. To this day the McCurdy family is still involved with McCurdy Horses.

The breed has a smooth four beat ambling gait called the McCurdy Lick. They are born naturally gaited. Described as horses that can be ridden all day without rider fatigue.

Known as the “Legacy of the Old South” they can be found around the United States and a few have been sold internationally.


Alyssa Mathews