Kiger Mustang


Official Breed Representative:

Name: Regalo de Gran Corazon
Wild Born, BLM
Breed Origin:
Oregon, USA
Kiger Mesteño Association
Owned By: Stacey Harnew
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Filmed at:
Wild Horse Mountain Ranch
Featured Trainer:
JR Horse Training


This is a horse that traces its roots back to the coveted horse of the Conquistador. As such, the Kiger exhibits remarkable old world breeding, primitive coloration and a marvelous athleticism that has been honed in the wild. With their solid minds, Kigers not only excel in the areas of pleasure and trail riding, performance, endurance, and driving, but in their wild free-roaming state they represent our American heritage. The Kiger Mustang is indeed a Living Legend.
— The Kiger Mesteño Association


About The Breed:


The state of Oregon is known for its rugged coastline and diverse landscapes. But for horse lovers there is yet another reason to visit. Oregon's very own wild horse. The Kiger is a specific type of Mustand with Spanish background and dun factor. “Dun factor” is a gene that dilutes the coat color and adds primitive markings such as the dorsal stripe down the back and zebra markings on the legs. Known for stamina and agility both in the arena and on the trail. They even made it onto the big screen in the animated movie with Matt Damon called, “Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron.”

Adoption events only happen once every three to four years and as you could guess, they are very popular events!


Alyssa Mathews