Kiger Mustang

Episode #6

Featured Horse:
Regalo de Gran Corazon
Wild born, BLM Kiger Mustang. See his Facebook page Here.

Filmed at:
Wild Horse Mountain Ranch
Featured Trainer:
JR Horse Training


This is a horse that traces its roots back to the coveted horse of the Conquistador. As such, the Kiger exhibits remarkable old world breeding, primitive coloration and a marvelous athleticism that has been honed in the wild. With their solid minds, Kigers not only excel in the areas of pleasure and trail riding, performance, endurance, and driving, but in their wild free-roaming state they represent our American heritage. The Kiger Mustang is indeed a Living Legend.
— The Kiger MesteƱo Association


Want to learn more about the breed? Check out this breed video:


Alyssa Mathews