Kerry Bog Pony


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Name: The Spotted Badger
Breed Origin:
Owned By: Arlene Aston.

Filmed in Ireland: Videos also feature the man who rediscovered the breed, John Mulvihill, and the Kerry Bog Village.


This rare breed is an ideal family pony, full of character and fun. Generations of use on small farms has produced a pony of calm temperament, willing and able to perform in a wide range of disciplines.
— Horse Sport Ireland


Kerry Bog Pony Videos:

About The Breed:


A small pony with quite the story. Found in the hills and bogs of County Kerry in Southwest Ireland. They are extremely hardy, and were used for working in bogs and carrying peat. Their weight-to-height ratio helped them travel over soft ground in the peat bogs. John Mulvihill rediscovered this old breed and realized it was on the brink of extinction. Thanks to the loving efforts and hard work of breeders and supporters today they are called the Irish “Heritage Pony” and are recognized as an official native breed. The Irish Horse Register describes them as, “The Ideal Family Pony.” “Full of character and fun!”

These little ponies were unsung heroes. ~ John Mulvihill


Alyssa Mathews