Irish Sport Horse


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Name: Charlie
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Horse Sport Ireland: Irish Sport Horse Studbook
Owned By: The Castle Leslie in Glaslough, Ireland.


Ireland is well known as being the birthplace of world showjumping and with the country’s long equestrian tradition it is not surprising that the Irish Sport Horse breed developed with an innate ability for the equestrian sports of showjumping and eventing.
— Horse Sport Ireland

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Meet a breed that competes in the highest levels of equestrian competitions. Including the Olympics and the World Equestrian Games. The Irish Sport Horse Studbook has been ranked as the leading eventing studbook almost every year since 1994. The primary make-up of the breed is Irish Draught crossed with Thoroughbred. Known as the Traditional Irish Sport Horse (TIH.) With the addition of other Warmblood breeds in recent generations many Irish Sport Horses are a different type of cross. The Studbook says that the breeds ability to look after and help their rider makes them ideal for amateur riders and as leisure horses.


Alyssa Mathews