Irish Draught


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Name: Cappa Aristocrat
Class 1 RID
Champion Stallion

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Irish Draught Horse Breeders Assoication
Owned By: Jimmy Quinn
Filmed with: Cappa Stud in Ireland.


The Irish Draught Horse developed as a working horse on Irish farms with references to the breed dating as far back as the 18th century.
— Irish Draught Horse Studbook

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In 18th Century Ireland farms were small and farmers often could only afford to have one horse. They needed that horse to work in the fields, drive the family to town and ride all day on the hunt. The solution... was the Irish Draught. Lighter than a traditional draft with smooth athletic movement and a reliable temperament.

Today they are still a horse of many uses including jumping, eventing, driving and even police horses! They are a foundation breed for the highly successful Irish Sport Horse. But the breed is so rare that they are now listed as endangered.

Cappa Stud in Ireland is one of the breeders dedicated to preserving this historic breed. With a large selection of mares and champion stallions they are honoring the past while building a very exciting future. For those of you that haven't met this breed yet... It might be time to go for a ride!!


Alyssa Mathews