Georgian Grande


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Name: Sherman the Police Horse
Breed Origin:
International Georgian Grand Horse Registry
Owned By: Taya Workum-Byers


During the 1970s, a breeder named George Wagner Jr. started crossing drafts to Saddlebreds to recreate the as closely as possible the original Saddlebred type.
— International Georgian Grande Horse Registry

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In the 1970's a man named George Wagner Jr. decided to recreate the original Saddlebred type. Combining the graceful elegance of the Saddlebred with the size and temperament of either a draft of a Friesian. The name means, “George's Great Horse.” The International Georgian Grande Horse Registry was started in 1994. They are performance horses and family horses. They have been used in film, medieval reenactments and as Police Horses! Fully recognized by the United State Equestrian Federation as a participating breed. Making this a breed you may not have heard of before, but will remember!


Alyssa Mathews