Official Breed Representative:

Name: NiNa Ella
Breed Origin:
Mexico & USA
Foaled in:
Bay Roan
Galiceño Horse Registry
Owned By: Galiceños of Suwannee Ranch

The Galiceños are small horses, 12 to 13.2 hands high, extraordinarily strong, agile, and possess tremendous stamina.
— Galicenos of Suwannee


About The Breed:


Described as, “A Small Horse with a Big Heart.” They are giving horses that love to please the people they are with.

Standing between 12-13.2hh, these small, sturdy horses have quite the story. They are the horses originally brought to the America's and Hispaniola by Cortes and the Conquistadors. The horses continued to breed freely in southern Mexico into the mid 1900's. Two Texans learned about the small ponies in the Yucatan and thought they would be great for children. They brought the horses into the USA and Canada.


In 1958 the Galiceno Horse Breeders Association was established in the United States. Many of the horses were used to influence other breeds such as the Pony of America. The breed is now considered critically engangered with fewer than 100 Galicenos left worldwide. Galicenos of Suwanee Ranch in Live Oak, Florida has 40 of them.

Although often thought of as children's horses because of their size, they are popular with adult riders because of their strength and agility. They can be found in all types of disciplines from English and Western to Driving.


Alyssa Mathews