Friesian Heritage Horse


Official Breed Representative:

Name: Lark of Honor Bright
Registry Origin:
Friesian Heritage Horse and Sport Horse International
Owned By: Aimee Ziller & Bryan Ludens.
Filmed in: Norco, California, USA.

Featured Horses:
Lark of Honor Bright, Zillertal Atom and Daense Mystic.


Friesian Crosses are very popular in the United States. Equine Registries have been created to support and promote the various crosses and types.

The Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse International offers a authentic credible registry, that is inclusive and provides a “home” for all documented horses of 25%, or greater, Friesian heritage.


About The Friesian Heritage Horse

The Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse International is a registry for horses with Friesian heritage. They can be 25-100% Friesian. They are a very popular type and can be found in almost every discipline.


About the Owners:

Aimee Ziller was that little girl always in love with horses. She has been an advocate of Friesians for the past 20 years and has been breeding Friesian crossbreds since 2001. With an eye for correct conformation and movement, and affinity for unusual colors, she has participated in shows and exhibitions across the country with her unique horses.

In 2007, Bryan Ludens joined the team and ZL Friesians & Sporthorses was formed. His natural talent for training and background in the entertainment industry enabled Bryan to broaden the horizons of this program, introducing the horses to film and live show performances. Together, Aimee and Bryan have developed a herd of exceptional pure and crossbred Friesians over the years, focusing on performance, rideability, genetic health, and temperament as the most important aspects of their breeding program.

They favor a champagne coat color as "icing on the cake" for their quality high-percentage Friesian crossbreds. In addition to parades, competitive and recreational trail rides, exhibitions, live shows, and film work, their foundation and young stock have also found success in the show ring with accolades including regional, national, and year-end titles in working equitation, dressage, western dressage, and the IFSHA breed circuit.

Alyssa Mathews