Florida Cracker Horse


Official Breed Representative:

Name: Remington
Breed Origin:
Florida, USA
Florida Cracker Horse Association
Owned By: Nancy Slater Natural Horsemanship

The Florida Cracker Horse, like the cattle breed of the same name, traces its ancestry to Spanish stock brought to Florida in the 1500’s.
— Florida Cracker Horse Association


About The Breed:


Early Florida cowmen were nicknamed, “Crackers” because of the loud cracking sound their whips made when herding cattle. So, the little agile horses they rode, became known as Florida Cracker Horses. Their ancestors came from Spain on ships and arrived in Florida during the 1500's.


They were some of the original cow horses in the United States. Florida Cracker Horses are generally small, with an average height of 13.2-15.2hh and weighing 700-1,000lbs. In the 1930's ranching practices changed. Ranchers started using Quarter Horses because of their larger size. But a few of the ranching families continued using and breed their, “little scrub horses.” Preserving distinct bloodlines and old family lines that can still be found today. There are now around 1,000 horses registered with the Florida Cracker Horse Association.


Alyssa Mathews