Dartmoor Pony


Official Breed Representative:

Name: Country Dance
Breed Origin:
Dartmoor Pony Society
Owned By: Shilstone Rocks

The native pony breed of the county of Devon in the South West of England. The ponies have been recorded living on the wild and inhospitable moors of Dartmoor since the Middle Ages.
— Dartmoor Pony Society


About The Breed:


In southwest England there is a wild place full of open moors, granite rock outcroppings and a breed of native pony that has been around since the middle ages. Named after their homeland, the Dartmoor pony is small and sturdy.

They were used to carry tin from mines, to herd sheep, deliver mail, and as family riding ponies.


They are known for being excellent children's ponies and can even be ridden by small adults. The Dartmoor Pony Society describes them as, “A very good looking riding pony, sturdily built, yet with quality.” Height maximum is 12.2hh.


Alyssa Mathews