Official Breed Representative:

Name: Roandale Gay Lad
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Breed Origin:
Foaled in:
Dales Pony Society
Owned By: Meg Robbins


Dales Ponies were bred for a specific job in a harsh environment. When the job changed, they were successfully adapted for other uses, and today the ponies can demonstrate all the qualities and abilities which brought their forebears such renown.

The combination of strength, agility, thrift, hardiness and high courage, with good conformation and a calm, intelligent nature, makes the Dales Pony a first-class riding and driving pony with all the abilities of a true all-rounder.
— The Dales Pony Society


About Lad:

Roandale Gay Lad 2007, is a bay gelding who grew up at Roandales Stud in Northumberland, UK, home of Gina and Charlie Parker who are well known for their 'true to the breed' types, 'snigging' (forestry work with ponies) and in saving and breeding on to what might have been the last roan colored Dales ponies. . He is a bit taller than many Dales but he has is truly representative of the breed in terms of sensibility, agile gait, temperament, and ability to put his hoof to all endeavors. Imported in 2012 to Massachusetts, he has had many adventures as a US 'flag flying' representative of the breed, including eventing, dressage, driving, hunter pace, TREC, breed shows, disability riders, jumping and logging many, many miles on hilly New England trails. He is brave and kind, and like most Dales ponies, has a super sense of humor.

Alyssa Mathews