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Name: WK Twizzler
Breed Origin:
International Curly Horse Organization
Owned By: Sarah Thaut
With the Curly Horse Ambassadors in Idaho!


Did you know that Curly Horses Can do it all and are Hypoallergenic!? They excel in all disciplines including Sporthorse, Dressage and Jumping, Western sports, English, Endurance, Trail and Gaited Pleasure, Driving horses and ponies/minis.
— International Curly Horse Organization

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Known for their curly hair, wonderful personalities and being hypoallergenic. Many allergy sufferers have found they have little to no reaction to the Curly horse! In 2015 a study in Germany confirmed their hypoallergenic properties. Over time, some of the riders in the study became less sensitive to other equine allergens. Suggesting that being around the Curly horses long term could help some riders minimize their reactions to other breeds. The Curly horse has been in the US since the 1800's. But their exact origin is still unknown. They have curly hair year round including curled eyelashes and ear fuzz. Their hair provides excellent insulation and can even be used for weaving and knitting projects! With a wide variety of types and sizes they can be found in almost every discipline and they are well loved family horses.


Alyssa Mathews