Colorado Ranger


Official Breed Representative:

Name: Felix
World Champion
Breed Origin:
Colorado Ranger Horse Association
Owned By: Horizon Hill Ranch


If you have a registered Appaloosa, chances are 1 in 8 that they are eligible for CRHA registration!
— Colorado Ranger Horse Association

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About The Breed:


The Colorado Ranger Horse Association is the oldest western horse breed registry still in existence in the United States. But what exactly is a Colorado Ranger? Their roots trace back to 1878 when General U.S. Grant was gifted two desert stallions. But the breed and the Association became official in 1935 after a man named Mike Ruby showed his leopard stallions at the Denver Stock Show. For almost 30 years there was a 50 member limit for the Colorado Ranger Horse Association. Meaning that many horses with Rangerbred heritage were not registered. The Association has recently started a, “treasure hunt” to find the lost horses. With research suggesting that 1 out of every 8 Appaloosa's could be a Colorado Ranger.


Alyssa Mathews