Official Breed Representative:

Name: Kristull Angelique
Breed Origin:
Caspian Horse Society of the Americas
Owned By: Gene Gilbert
Filmed at:
Enterprise Farms Los Angeles, California, USA.


An Ancient Breed Of Horse Still Found Today.
— The Caspian Horse Society of the Americas


About The Caspian


Early Persian artifacts depict animals of normal size next to unusually small and refined horses. An an ancient breed, once thought to be extinct, until one woman rediscovered them in 1965. Louise Firouz, an American horsewoman found a small dark bay stallion pulling a cart near the Caspian sea in northern Iran. It was the start of her lifelong quest to save the breed. Standing only as tall as a pony, but with the build and movement of a horse. They are known for being natural jumpers and are especially suited for teaching children how to ride. Their status is listed as critical. There are less than 2,000 of them worldwide.

A study done by the University of Kentucky suggest that the genetic makeup of the Caspian could be ancestral to other Arab type breeds.

“Perhaps the most exciting equine discovery of this century is the Caspian.”
~Bonnie Hendricks

The International Caspian Society and breeders around the world continue to fight for the survival of this ancient treasure with hopes that future generations of children will have the chance to become equestrians on the back of a Caspian.


Alyssa Mathews