Camarillo White Horse


Official Breed Representative:

Name: Destillo
Breed Origin:
California, USA
Camarillo White Horse Association
Owned By: Harold Parker. Great Grandson of the breed founder, Adolfo Camarillo.
Filmed in California, USA.


The Camarillo White Horse Association was founded in 1992 with the sole purpose to preserve and maintain the historic bloodlines of the original foundation Camarillo White Horse, the white stallion Sultan.

There are now 17 living Camarillo White Horses in Ventura County, California; two in Los Angeles County, California; and one in Oregon.
— Camarillo White Horse Association


About The Camarillo White Horse:


In 1921 Adolfo Camarillo bought a pure white stallion at the Sacramento State Fair. A stallion that would become the foundation for a new breed and start a family tradition. Stunningly white in color. There are less than 30 of them worldwide. They carry a specific gene mutation that prevents the coat from expressing color. A mutation that is only found in the Camarillo White Horse. They are born white, unlike grey horses that are born dark and lighten with age. The breed became known in California as a flashy parade and performance horse. Famous faces seen riding them included President Harding and movie star Leo Carillo. They are used in a wide variety of disciplines from ranch sorting to jumping and dressage.

β€œIt's all about getting the best possible horse, and hopefully in a white wrapper.” ~Harold Parker. Great grandson of Adolfo Camarillo.


Alyssa Mathews