Official Breed Representative:

Name: Zips Strawsam MMR
7 Time National and World Champion
Breed Origin:
Appaloosa Horse Club
Owned By: Rock’n W Ranch

Today, the beautiful spotted horse is one of the most beloved of American horse breeds and can be found throughout the world, excelling in disciplines including western pleasure, games, working cow horse and dressage. Appaloosas are prized for their easy-going dispositions and their reliability as family horses.
— Appaloosa Horse Club


About The Breed:


Known for their unique coat patterns and wide variety of colors, including solid colors. “Appaloosa” comes from the phrase “A Palouse Horse” referring to the origin of the breed. In the 1700’s and 1800’s the Nez Perce Tribe bred their horses for their strength, intelligence, and beauty. They were one of the first tribes to use selective breeding techniques .


Average height 14.0-16.0hh. The breed is extremely versatile. They are used for: Racing, Working Cattle, Dressage, Jumping, Western Pleasure, Endurance Riding and as Family horses. The Appaloosa Horse Club is one of the top international equine breed registries.

Alyssa Mathews