Breed Preview

Quick Facts:

  • Originated in the Spanish Province of Andalusia

  • Average Height 15.2 - 16.2 hh

  • Color: About 80% of the breed is Grey.
    Bay and Black are also seen.

  • All solid colors are now accepted in the stud book,
    but they are quite rare.
  • Also referred to as the Pure Spanish Horse
    or PRE (Pura Raza Española.)

  • Featured Horse: Limonera Gude


 The name PRE - Pura Raza Española, or Pure Spanish Horse, originated in 1567 Spain with an unprecedented breeding program developed by King Philip II.  By the king’s decree and highest standards, he selected roughly 1200 mares procured from breeders around the countryside. These mares and a select group of stallions possessing the ideal phenotype or desirable breed traits were brought to the Royal Stables of Cordoba. The king began his breeding program with the intention of concentrating and defining those baroque traits and improving the breed type, casting his eyes upon the past, reclaiming the purest Baroque horse of the history pages.  

Body Type:

The Andalusian is well built; a finely sculptured head with straight or subconvex profile; mobile ears; vivacious eyes with a quiet and kind expression; elegant arched neck with a well developed crest and a long, profuse and often wavy mane and tail. It has well-defined withers and a strong back; well developed chest and rounded quarters with a low tail-set; long sloping shoulders; strong legs with ample bone, broad flexible joints; and the hoof is well formed, sound and iron hard.
Size is generally 15-16.2 hands

Grey is the predominant color followed by bay and black which is more rare. Other colors now accepted include chestnut and the dilute colors.

The Andalusian Today:

Still used in Spain today as a bullfighting horses they carry their riders with unimaginable grace and quickness yet they can easily excel in any discipline you choose. From high levels of Dressage to Western from Jumping to Working ranch horse.

The Spanish Horse has influenced many of today's Warmblood breeds as well as Thoroughbreds.  He arrived on the American soils with the Conquistadors and is the forbearer of many of today’s most popular breeds in the Americas, including the Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, Mustang, Paso Fino, Peruvian Paso, Morgan and Azteca as well as influencing the Lipizzan & Friesian in Europe.


Featured Horse:

Limonera Gude

  • Andalusian Mare (Pura Raza Española)
  • Born 05/03/2003
  • Imported from the province of Sevilla, Spain
  • Sire: Fenix VIII x
  • Dam: Poseida-B
  • Owned by Beth Beymer: Starfire Farm
  • Colorado, USA

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