Packing with Fjords in the Cloud Peak Wilderness

Photo by Else Bigton
Photo by Else Bigton

Packing horses in the wilderness is an experience you will never forget.

You get to meet cool strangers on the trail. Ones that tie four mules together (on purpose!) and go down a trail that would make mountain bikers cringe.

You get to accidentally meet the wildlife when you are trekking out into the bushes. With only a roll of toilet paper and a shovel to defend yourself.

You get lots and lots of horse time.

You get to watch the horses peacefully grazing at your campsite. Don't forget to attach a bell to one of them... just in case.

You get to sleep in a tent.

Photo by Else Bigton

You get to practice water crossings.

And you get moment after moment of pure beauty. Where you feel truly grateful to be surrounded by wonderful friends and courageous equine companions.

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